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Thursday, January 20, 2011



Selamat Tahun Baru...

Lepas ni kite buat update pasal Premium Beautiful ye...

so sekarang kawan2 ex BBGS bg yang nak tau pasal First -ever BBGS OGA Facebook Gathering -cum-Grand Sale.. jom pegi
Kalau nak tau lebih lanjut baca blog ni - BBGSOGA

Dear BBGSians,

Since our Melbourne reunion, our number of Facebook friends has soared to over 3,200. Many alumnae who joined our Facebook were surprised that the BBGS OGA has been revived. As they had not heard of our gatherings in 2010, there have been several requests for future reunions and enquiries about our souvenirs.

Hence, when the Exco met recently, we decided to hold a Facebook Gathering-cum-Grand Sale of our souvenirs on 22 Jan. We hope you will try your best to come for the reunion and to catch up with former classmates and teachers as we will not be organising many reunions for 2011.

The Exco is trying to consolidate the OGA infrastructure before we pass the baton to a new committee in the next election in July.
We hope to sell off all the souvenirs so that we can concentrate on charting the direction of the OGA during our remaining term, Please buy in bulk for your class reunions, or on behalf of your schoolmates or as gifts for your friends. Kindly fill in the Souvenir Order Form and make the necessary payment to secure your order.

Unfortunately, until today, we are still waiting for the Registrar of Society to approve our constitution amendments that would allow us to set up the bank account for the Elena Cooke Education Fund.  Presently, the OGA is holding the donations in trust. As we can't wait indefinitely, we are planning to hold an EGM in early March  to decide on the matter and to elect our new auditors.

Kindly answer the following questions as a confirmation that you have received this email:

1.  Do you prefer our EGM and AGM to be held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon?

2. Have you joined the BBGS OGA Facebook? If not, do you intend to add the BBGS OGA as your Facebook friend?

3. Do you regularly check for updates?

4. Are you coming for our Facebook Gathering-cum-Grand Sale? Please RSVP by 19 January 2011.

Nisi Dominus Frustra

SY Phang
President, BBGS OGA
HP: 012-292 1460

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